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Suppliers at Your Fingertips

One of the most time-consuming tasks in a typical farm office is procurement of products and services necessary in farm operations. Office staff spend time comparing prices of truck, tractor, equipment and implements spare parts, fertilizers, weedicides, pesticides, custom-plowing services, repair and maintenance services, mechanized harvesting services to mention a few.

CONFED invites its association members and their sugar farmers to help build our own product and services price database by submitting information of recent purchases, including names of suppliers, prices, and dates of purchase (because prices change over time). This way, wherever there are CONFED association members, farmers can easily log on to our website and check prices of common item purchases.

We aim to provide members the best prices and access to the most trusted suppliers of quality products and services in our local communities.

Products & Services sourced from

VICMICO Planters’ Multi-Purpose Cooperative


PROBRIX LITER (Ripener) P 220.00/Liter
SUPER FERTIKIN LTR (NPK With Microelements) P220.00/Liter


Refined Sugar 1/2kg
Refined Sugar 1kg
Refined Sugar Bag (50kg)
Brown Sugar 1/2kg

Brown Sugar 1kg
Brown Sugar Bag 50kg
Washed Sugar 1/2kg
Washed Sugar 1kg
Washed Sugar Bag 50kg

For Sugar Prices kindly contact VICMICO Planters’ MPC at 034-435-0656.


Custom Plowing – September 2023 tentative month to start the services.


Rat Bait – Imported from Italy P500.00/ 500 Grams

Power Brand Batteries


36B20MF NS40L 7 plates
46B24MF NS60L 1SNF 7 plates
55D23MF NS50L 1SMF 7 plates
80D26MF N50ZL 2SMF 9 plates
95D31MF N70L 3SMF 11 plates
DIN75MF DIN66 DIN66/75
N100 6SMF 15 plates
N120 2D 17 plates
N150 4D 21 plates


For Battery Prices kindly contact VICMICO Planters’ MPC at 034-435-0656.